"I Thought She Was An Intruder" - Pistorius


Oscar Pistorius swore in court today that he did not mean to kill his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, saying he believed he was shooting at an intruder in the house.

His lawyer read Pistorius' sworn affidavit to the court, explaining that he believed an intruder was in his house on Valentine's Day, and he felt vulnerable because he was in his house without his prosthetic legs.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel refuted the claims, arguing that Pistorius' motive was simple: "I want to kill". He said the Olympian took the time to put on his prosthetic legs, walk 23 feet, and then began blasting.

Pistorius claims he had no idea he was shooting at Steenkamp until he realized she was not in his bed.  He said, "It filled me with horror and fear."

. . . Us too.

He denied having his prosthetic legs on when he fired the shots. He says he put on his legs, walked to the door and bashed it open with a cricket bat and discovered Steenkamp mortaly wounded. He says he carried her downstairs and "She died in my arms."

Prosecutors were skeptical, saying Pistorius and Steenkamp had just finished a shouting match when he fired 4 shots into the bathroom, hitting Steenkamp 3 times.

If he did not have his legs on when he fired as he claimed, could he have hit her as he did with as many as 3 bullets?

And if he did walk up and fire as the prosecution claims, how does that hold up against him? Isn't it possible that that deliberate action could've been justified?

QUESTION: What was Steenkamp doing in the bathroom? If she was taking a bath, shouldn't Pistorius have heard the water running before pumping the person full of hot lead?

And how is it that you hear a noise, get up, and not be aware that the person in bed with you the previous night is not there presently?

As proceedings move along, we're sure we'll get many answers to a lot of questions running wild in our heads on this strange Valentine Day death. Heck, we might even get to know why he did it. . .

. . . If he's guilty.

What do you think?


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