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Tuesday, February 19

"I Thought She Was An Intruder" - Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius swore in court today that he did not mean to kill his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, saying he believed he was shooting at an intruder in the house.

His lawyer read Pistorius' sworn affidavit to the court, explaining that he believed an intruder was in his house on Valentine's Day, and he felt vulnerable because he was in his house without his prosthetic legs.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel refuted the claims, arguing that Pistorius' motive was simple: "I want to kill". He said the Olympian took the time to put on his prosthetic legs, walk 23 feet, and then began blasting.

Pistorius claims he had no idea he was shooting at Steenkamp until he realized she was not in his bed.  He said, "It filled me with horror and fear."

. . . Us too.

He denied having his prosthetic legs on when he fired the shots. He says he put on his legs, walked to the door and bashed it open with a cricket bat and discovered Steenkamp mortaly wounded. He says he carried her downstairs and "She died in my arms."

Prosecutors were skeptical, saying Pistorius and Steenkamp had just finished a shouting match when he fired 4 shots into the bathroom, hitting Steenkamp 3 times.

If he did not have his legs on when he fired as he claimed, could he have hit her as he did with as many as 3 bullets?

And if he did walk up and fire as the prosecution claims, how does that hold up against him? Isn't it possible that that deliberate action could've been justified?

QUESTION: What was Steenkamp doing in the bathroom? If she was taking a bath, shouldn't Pistorius have heard the water running before pumping the person full of hot lead?

And how is it that you hear a noise, get up, and not be aware that the person in bed with you the previous night is not there presently?

As proceedings move along, we're sure we'll get many answers to a lot of questions running wild in our heads on this strange Valentine Day death. Heck, we might even get to know why he did it. . .

. . . If he's guilty.

What do you think?

Kim K Was $500,000 Richer


Sources have it that Kim Kardashian's visit to Lagos for Darey Art Alade's "Love Like A Movie" event ganered her a whooping $500,000!. . . And she appeared for just 40 minutes!!

This fleeting visit of hers for which she netted cool half a million smackers has angered a lot of people in the country. There are those who even raised eyebrows as to why a woman of questionable moral standing like Kim should even be allowed to come into the country in the first place, much less host a show for a country badly in need of morally upstanding role-models.

According to local reports, Kim stayed at the event for 45 minutes, making a 45-second statement on the microphone.

Independent Nigerian TV station Channels Television reported: ‘There were disappointments after Kim Kardashian came on stage for only 40 seconds.’

Guardian blogger Jeremy Weate described how Kim’s visit was an example of the country’s economic elite ‘blowing its money on bling puffery while most of the country suffers’.

He wrote: ‘Ms Kardashian appeared, said, “Hey Naija” and vamoosed. The rumour was that she’d been paid 500,000 Benjamins for the honour of mixing with the petro-class.’

ThisDay newspaper’s Eddy Odivwri wrote: ‘Many families are not exactly comfortable with her lifestyle, as she hardly cuts the image of a role model to a generation in need of a moral dress up.’

If you recall, her infamous sex tape is still fresh on the minds of people, and her brief marriage to Kris Humphries which lasted barely 72 days, still leaves a sour taste in many people's mouths.

So when you lump all that into one big mass, and add the fact that she just strolled into the country, appeared at a show for 45 minutes, spoke for 40 seconds and walked away with half a million dollars, what you have is major agro and angst against the reality show beauty.

Can you blame us?

As if to add insult to injury, she tweeted just after landing in Los Angeles:

"Just landed back home! 20 hrs of flying. No big deal."

No big deal indeed: Our money miss road elites needed to throw some of their excess cash away, and you helped them do it.

Can you blame HER?

Messi Breaks The 300-Goal Barrier


Lionel Messi is in the news again: At the weekend on Saturday, he netted two goals in a 2-1 comeback victory against Granada in the La Liga to take his tally for the club to 301 goals!

The World Player of the Year pounced on a loose ball to level in the 50th minute before netting a superb free kick for the winner in the 73rd, the 37th goal of the campaign for La Ligas top scorer.

“Over 300 goals. It’s extraordinary what Messi does,” said Barca assistant coach Jordi Roura afterwards. “We had a lot of chances and didn’t take them but he got two goals that are very important.”

Anyone who still thinks this guy is from this world, needs to think again. . . Really.

Shooter Kills Lover & Entire Family In Lagos

                         Late Sandra's sisters killed by Sandra's lover Henry.

A gun totting hoodlum, suspected to be a kidnapper operating in Delta State, attacked the Lagos home of his girlfriend, killing her and seven other members of her family.

According to Vanguard Newspaper, the alleged kidnapper - simply identified as Henry - stormed the home of his girlfriend, known as Sandra, at about 10 pm on Saturday with an AK-47 rifle and opened fire on all the occupants of the apartment, leaving Sandra, her elder sister and two of her elder sister's children, dead.

But it's not all doom and gloom though: Sandra's twin sister and one of her elder sister's daughter did survive the attack.

Mad man Henry was also said to have proceeded to the home of another of Sandra’s elder sisters, living in the area, where he reportedly killed the woman and her three children.

Policemen were dispatched to Igando in search of the gunman, who it was reported, drove in an SUV to the scene. They arrived late, but Sandra's surviving twin sister had breath enough to tell them who the shooter was.

According to a Vanguard source, who pleaded anonymity: "Sandra’s twin sister told us that the attacker was her late twin sister’s boyfriend who is familiar with everyone in their family but nobody knew he was a kidnapper.

"She told us that her late sister used to visit the boyfriend, Henry, at his base in Delta State and in one of such visits two weeks ago, some heavily armed men stormed Henry’s apartment manhandling Sandra in the process.

"She added that the armed men reportedly told Sandra that her lover absconded with their share of the ransom paid to them for one of their  kidnapping exploits, threatening to wipe out all his (Henry’s) family members if he did not pay them their money.

"Thereafter, Sandra contacted her family members in Lagos, informing them of what had happened to her and they rushed to Delta State and brought her to Lagos for proper treatments. But while she was receiving the treatment, Henry, feeling betrayed, stormed their Lagos home. She told us that the moment Henry entered their apartment, her sister’s children welcomed him without knowing that he was out to kill them."

The moral of the story here is. . . Be careful who you fall in love with: All that glitters is not gold. If you're not sure about the nature of your friend's source of wealth, or you have misgivings about the kind of friends he or she keeps, you need to. . .

. . . Run for the hills!

We hope they catch that no good, son-of-a b***h killer!!!

Photo of Sandra's late sisters above courtesy of Vanguard Newspapers

Monday, February 18

'Thor: The Dark World' Begins Shooting


Chris Hemsworth is back in the studio to begin filming the second Thor movie, called. . . Thor: The Dark World.

Shooting began with scenes shot in London. And as things progress, we're sure the movie will surpass the cinematic success of its predecessor.